April 11, 2017

Tippin' Tuesday

Long time no see/talk/write!

I'll work on it (hopefully)...

I'm going to try to start a weekly post about my favorite DIY tips that have changed my craftin' life.

Today I'm talking about... storing your paint brushes and rollers in the fridge! 

Weird? I know... I was super skeptical when I saw some of my favorite DIYers doing it on Instagram, but it WORKS. I've been painting a lot of random things bright white lately, so I was really tired of either throwing rollers away or spending what felt like 40 hours cleaning them out, just so that they end up crunchy (technical term).

If you're in between painting things the same color, wrap up that roller head or paintbrush in aluminum foil, put it in a plastic baggy, and shove that in the fridge. Let your significant other make fun of you and joke about eating them. Whip them out and start painting again whenever your heart desires. Repeat.

I have found that foil works better on rollers, even with primer, and plastic wrap is better for paintbrush tips. I'm not sure why, and maybe it doesn't, but that's the method I've been working with. Paintbrushes do not last in the fridge for months at a time if you're not using them in between, found that one out the hard way. So if I'm unsure of my next paint project, I rinse the brush and store it on my powder room sink (sorry guests).

So fancayyyy

So there you go! My tip of the week :)


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