October 26, 2016

DIY Laundry Soap

Doing laundry is the worst. There's only two of us in the house, so you parents must have it so bad in the laundry department.

One of my least favorite things is having to buy laundry detergent. Why is it so expensive? Will I like the smell of this when it's baked into my clothes? Do I want pods, powder, or liquid? How artificial is this weird gunky stuff? Why don't they give this stuff away so we can all smell OK?

So when I saw Kim and Scott from Yellow Brick Home make THEIR OWN on Instagram stories, I had to try it. Thankfully they have a really helpful post on what they used. This post is from 2011, and I saw them making it on their story in 2016, so it's obviously worked for them!

Borax - One cup
Arm & Hammer Washing Soda - One cup
Fels-Naptha - One bar, grated

Here's my DIY laundry soap adventure...

I knew that I could find and order all of the necessary ingredients on Amazon and order them together, but I wanted to try to save a little money. I thought I was going to be able to find all of the ingredients at our local grocery store, so I went there first... I found Borax, after walking down the aisle twice. They had every type of Tide detergent you could think of, but no washing soda or laundry soap. I bought the Borax for $4.99, and I walked out with that and candy I had no intention of buying.

Those Reese cups stuffed with pieces are my kryptonite right now. 
I couldn't find the washing soda or soap! So next I tried CVS... Again, just found Borax... At that point I was getting a little bit irritated. WHY WAS THIS SO HARD TO FIND??? I spent a few minutes in my car looking up Fels-Naptha and Washing Soda online and ACE Hardware said they had both in stock.

So I went to store #3! I went in and found them right away in the same aisle along with Borax. So... Now I know, ACE right away!

FINALLY!!! I was so happy to see that disfigured arm holding a hammer.
Oh hi Borax, nice to see you for the third time today!
I had to stand on my tippy toes to get those bars... I was able to reach 3, so that's how many I bought. Next time, I'm taking Andrew so I can stock up. ;)
When I got home, I made two batches, one for me and one for my Momma. I put the powder ingredients in two mason jars, and go to work on grating the bar of soap. Not the most fun thing in the world, but didn't take long!
Thanks Mom for always making me grate cheese for Taco Dip, because that made this a little less difficult.... Wish this had been cheese instead of soap now... Mmmm.. 
I used it (1 tbsp per load) on my next load of laundry and it made the house smell so good, but the clothes had NO smell after being washed and dried. I just sprinkled the powder over the clothes after loading them into the washer. I have a HE washer/dryer system. I thought maybe I was going nutty when I thought the clothes were extra soft after being washed with this DIY soap instead of Tide pods that I did the first load with, but even Andrew agreed. Last night I washed my favorite plush blanket, and I will confirm that this soap made it SO soft.

Viola! I think I shredded the soap a little thick, so I make sure to shake and stir before getting my tbsp for the laundry.
Here's how the pricing broke down...

One box Borax - $4.99 (It was $6.99 at ACE)
One box Arm & Hammer Washing Soda - $4.99
One bar Fels-Naptha - $1.79

Yellow Brick Home says that each box of powder (Borax + Washing Soda) can make FIVE batches. So we're coming in much cheaper than store bought liquid or pods. I'm SO happy!

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